A letter to Death

Dear Death,
I know one day you will come and take me with you against my wish, but I was hoping you could do a little favor for me and the rest of humanity. Before you come, you must instill in every human being the fear of your arrival because we all living our lives as if we are going to live here forever.
We all are busy accumulating worldly things that are not going to go with us as we all know dead man carries no pocket.
Your fear can make us realize that there is no use of running after pleasures because they will last momentarily.
When we wake up with the thought that we may die today, then we would focus on our life goals with full intensity and live every day with utmost curiosity. We will stop taking our family, friends, and all other comforts we have for granted.
You can make us realize that every moment is a blessing, and we should not waste it by crying over things or any individual.
Your expected arrival will create a sense of wonder in us, and we will try to explore life with enthusiasm.
We will stop regretting trivial matters in our life. You can enlighten us that all the things we crave will not give us everlasting happiness, and we should desire freedom from our psychological drama that creates unnecessary demands from life.
Your fear will push people to find their purpose in life, and they will start valuing their time to achieve their higher selves.
Now you must have come to know that how inculcating the awareness of your expected arrival in our mind can transform us. Please do consider my request and haunt us every day so that we behave like realized individuals and not like five years old kid who always demands things one after another.
There are so many things i want to tell you, but I will leave other it for my next letter, till then keep haunting us.

Unrealized soul.



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Mayur Sarda

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