Doubt Everything all the Time

Mayur Sarda
1 min readNov 30, 2020
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Doubting is key to new dimensions.

Einstein doubted Newton.
Picasso doubted Michelangelo.
Beethoven doubted Mozart.

This way, they brought new ideas by doubting great people and their work.

We would have no theory of relativity if einstein didn’t doubt Newton.

If Picasso didn’t challenge Michelangelo’s views, then he wouldn’t have developed Cubism.

It’s essential to doubt everything and to know that you don’t know anything.

Doubt is a personal incentive for growth in life.

To fail, to ask questions is the best way to learn, grow, and move ahead.

Doubt what you know. It’s vital to seek experts and gain knowledge but also necessary to doubt them.

The base of every growth in any field is doubt.

The power of art is doubt.

The power of science is doubt.

Things we achieved in the last 200 years is because of doubt.

Doubt gives way to new ideas.

So keep doubting, keep rising.



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